25 kg Coveva Filter Sand 16/30

25 kg Coveva Filter Sand 16/30

Our sands are high silica and are washed, hydrosized and dry screened to ensure that they meet the exacting standards as laid out by the Water Authorities and Regulators.

We supply sand for traditional slow sand filters plus a large range of filtration sand which can be used in potable water applications. Our sands are also widely used in filters in swimming pools, in the food and drinks industry and the pharmaceutical industry. We also supply filtration sand for use in Wastewater Treatment Plants and for Sand Polishing Filters.


Appearance: Rounded, sub-angular

Specific Gravity: Approx 2.6tonnes/m³

Loose Bulk Density: 1.6tonnes / m³ Hardness: 7 Moh

Effective Size 0.90-0.95mm

Uniformity Coefficient ≤ 1.40

Petrographic Analysis %

Quartz 50

Quartzite 18

Recrystallised Sandstone 8

Chert / Tuff 19

Schist 2

Weathered Granite 2

Limestone 2 Ironstone <1

Particle Shape – Sub Angular to Rounded

Loss on Ignition: 0.94%

Acid Solubility: 1.94%

Free Lime: 0.1%

Silica Content: 95.7%

Mohs: 7

Specific Gravity 2.60 tonnes per M³

Bulk Density 1.60 tonnes per 



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