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A Guide to How Automatic Car Wash Machines Work

04 Apr 2024
A Guide to How Automatic Car Wash Machines Work

The perfect automatic car wash machine incorporates a defined cleaning process. Your client will drive the car in at one end and expect it to come out of the other end sparkling and rejuvenated. The sign of a successful business is one that can repeat this process hour after hour, day after day, coming out with the same high standards again and again. For this simple premise, you will be rewarded with constant repeat business.

Unfortunately, if you don’t get that consistency, your potentially loyal customers will soon get fed up and move on to your competitors. Imagine your automatic car washing machine is like the kitchen equipment in a popular restaurant. You can employ the best chefs in the world, but if they can’t get the equipment to work properly the food is going to be inconsistent and unpredictable. It might be delicious one day, but the next visit is a real disappointment. The customer is less likely to return. 

Ensuring Consistency with an Automatic Car Wash Machine

In the car washing business, a quality car wash automatic machine will not only give that consistency of results time after time, but it also eliminates the human element, which can add to the unpredictability of consistent results. In an industry that has a notoriously high turnover, the constant need for retraining new staff can add a significant burden to the bottom line. Installing a car wash automatic machine will give you the reassurance of a proper, thorough job done every time.

Equally, it will be easier to maintain and run than the team of operatives that oversee it - no days off sick, no attitude, no coffee breaks – simply one car in, one car out. The automatic car washing machine eliminates the need for a personal, hands-on approach, systemising the entire process, which, in itself, provides a consistency of performance that will satisfy your customers time and time again.

Instead, repurpose your team into an after-wash service. If you use the equipment in conjunction with a valeting team who will clean the interior of a vehicle, you are able to charge a premium and still add that extra personal touch that will send customers away with a smile on their faces. 

What Does Our Automatic Car Wash Machine Consist of?

When you understand the myriad moving parts that a car wash auto machine consists of, you will understand why it is so important to have the confidence in the quality of its functionality. 

Our own system consists of the following elements as standard: 

  • Large horizontal and vertical rollers 
  • High pressure jets 
  • Air dryer 

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What is the Process Involved within the Car Wash Washing Machine?

There is a range of different levels of cleaning, and the driver will choose and pay for the desired service prior to entering the auto car wash machine area. Once you have entered the car wash, you remain stationary, and the rollers will move backwards and forwards carrying out a thorough wash, according to your preferred service level.

Initially, spray jets will soak the vehicle, helping to cut through the dirt and create a surface on which the cleaning chemical can start to break down the dirt and grime. The large soapy rollers then rotate and act as brushes, breaking down the dirt and grime, and leaving the surface clear of any contaminants. 

Next, comes the rinse spray, which is programmed to ensure all trace of soapy residue is removed from the car. If the service level covers it, a hot air fan will then get rid of any residual water to give a streak-free finish. 

How Much is an Automatic Car Wash Machine? 

Because it is such a significant piece of equipment, the automatic car wash machine represents a significant amount of investment. However, by calculating the number of units that can be washed during the course of one day, balancing this out against the average price of an individual car wash, and taking into account direct costs, such as chemicals and workforce, it soon becomes clear that the equipment will more than pay for itself in just a few months.

Make sure that you carry out simple daily maintenance tasks to keep your automatic car wash machine running efficiently.

  • Keep the nozzles on the sprayers clean and free from debris. 
  • Clean the filters regularly to ensure a consistently high cleaning quality 
  • Check and clean the brushes on a regular basis. If they are damaged in any way, then change them – a damaged brush risks damaging car paintwork. 
  • Check the hoses regularly for leaks and damage. Leaking hoses can lower the water pressure, which, again, affects the quality of the car wash. 

If you are thinking about investing in your own car washing business and would like to work through the figures with one of our sales team, drop us a line with your details and we can schedule in a chat.

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