25 kg Coveva Garnet 1.4-2.36mm

25 kg Coveva Garnet 1.4-2.36mm

Garnet is a high hardness, high density granular filter media. It is normally used as the lower (final) filtration layer of a multi-media filtration system.

Garnet is a dense, heavy, granular mineral. Its hardness, chemical, and durability properties make it a superior filter and abrasive media. Garnet is typically used in multi-media filters as the sub-fill or bottom layers of the filter. Although its density requires high backwash rates, combining fine mesh garnet with other media such as sand anthracite significantly increases the filtration capacity of a system.

In combination with other filter medias, higher flow rates, higher loading and better filtration can be achieved. High hardness reduces attrition and provides for years of reliable

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